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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 27
Sign: Scorpio
Country: Korea (South)

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February 06, 2015


03/27/2023 04:47 PM 

The Secret History of Jeongyeon (WIP)
Category: Character Info

Jeongyeon appears human. However, she is not.

Many years ago, a couple from the planet Bajor, along with their recent newborn girl, decided to go on holiday. They departed in their spaceship to spend a few weeks on another planet. They never arrived at their intended destination.

During their trip, they encountered a wormhole, which sent them to Earth. The year was 1996. Their encounter with the wormhole damaged their ship and they crashlanded on Earth. The couple were seriously injured in the crash, and they knew they would soon die. Their daughter was not injured, and the parents decided their daughter needed a home.

They found a family that could be trusted to raise their child. It was then that the child would be named Jeongyeon. Only her family currently knows her secret.

(This backstory is a rough draft. I will refine and expand the story over time.)


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