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06/18/2023 03:55 AM 

abt minnie! - character #1
Category: Character Info
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Name: Nicha Yontararak - Minnie 

Age: 10/23/1997/ 25 years old

Appearance: Minnie is a pretty average weighed girl, weighing only at 99 lbs and standing at 167 cm. She has long black hair that reaches mid way behind her back, she has dark brown eyes as well. Her styling choice mostly consistits of very pastel colors such as black, white, ligt pink, etc. She sometimes overdresses at times, when going to the movies she'll wear something like a black dress with platform boots and a lot of jewerly of course. 

Personality: Since Minnie's MBTI type is ENFJ, she is considered a Extraverted person,, she loves socializing with others and meeting new people. Minnie has a Intuitive mindest meaning 
she often open to new ideas and possibilities, able to connect seemingly unrelated information, and are comfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity. She also tend to trust their own intuition rather than just following conventional wisdom or consensus. 

Background: When growing up Minnie was an always self-learner, at a yound age her mother signed her up for Piano lessions which was something she really enjoyed very much. She has two broter which are twins, and her uncle is a classical pianist, composer and music teacher. Minnie comes from a pretty luxurious family, which gave her the name 'Thai Princess'. She soon moved to Korea to Audition for CUBE Entertainment to pursue her dreams to be an Idol. 

Motivation: Something that motivates Minnie very much is Music, since she was surrounded by it all of her life It takes a huge part of her life. Another thing that also motivates her very much is dancing, during her freetime she'd choerograph dances by herself in the dance room occasinally. 

Strengths: Dancing, learning quickly, singing, being self-taught. 

Weaknesses: Getting settled with things and taking breaks when working. 

Hobbies/Interests: Dancing, the color pink, drinking tea Green Tea perferably, & Learning languages. 


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