Madame Firefly

Last Login:
July 17th, 2021

Gender: Male

Age: 116
Country: Egypt

Signup Date:
June 27, 2020


06/27/2020 09:09 PM 

Roleplay Guidebook.

My patience and my time is limited, do not waste either, if you add me, you either speak within a week or face removal with a warning given beforehand.

No oneliners, ever.

The moment I even smell any kind of situation that is even remotely bothersome for me, I will warn you ahead of time, give you only one chance to redeem yourself and if it is not taken care of you will be blocked without any further notice.

Your OOC problems aren't my concern if we do not know each other very well.

I do not add anyone, that is my policy, if you want to rp, you come to me.

Do not talk to me IC when I am speaking to you OOC and do not talk to me OOC when I am speaking to you IC.

Real life and roleplay are two separate things, remember that. Forgetting it and pushing things to an unneeded extreme will render you blocked.

I do not do starters, I do not start, if you want to roleplay with me, you are the one expected to do so. A starter is not needed, simply talk to me about a possible rp beforehand.

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